And partially it comes from a false assumption that if you have served in the military you will not be deported. Most of the veterans that were interviewed for this article were under the impression that they were untouchable by immigration officials because of their military service. Some laughed the first time they heard that they might be deported.

When you serve in US Military you travel the World and operate under different rules. You disembark in ports and step off on a foreign soil wearing a uniform and under the American flag, de-facto you are an American. Before that you have sworn-in to protect the constitution, you pledged allegiance to the country and its people. It’s hard to shake off that mindset once the service is over and you return to civilian life. Mentally, a vast majority of the veterans that have been deported never did.

The most common convictions that started deportation procedures were related to substance abuse, drug offences or violence. More than a half veterans that enter into the justice system in the United State have had mental issues including PTSD and depression and deported veterans are no exception.