In the War Against Russia, Some Ukrainians Carry AK-47s. Andrey Liscovich Carries a Shopping List

Kyiv enlisted a Silicon Valley insider to rush consumer-grade tech onto the battlefield. He’s giving a demo of the future of war: the military-retail complex.

for NZZ magazine
By Samanth Subramanian - published on October 5, 2023
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Kyiv’s rearguard

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are fighting
the front. A second army works in secret: techies and IT experts are driving digital battlefront.
for Capital magazine
By Hannah Schwar - published on October 14, 2023

The decoy weapons leading Russian forces astray in Ukraine

Steelmaker constructs a Potemkin army of Soviet tanks, American howitzers and radars from wood and plastic.

for the Financial Times
By Christopher Miller - published on September 22, 2023
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Songs of war: The Ukrainian musicians merging art and propaganda
for the Washington Post

By Francesca Ebel and Kostiantyn Khudov - published on Aug 9, 2023

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The wind turbine builders on the front

Despite ongoing Russian attacks on the country's infrastructure, a Ukrainian power producer wants to resume exporting electricity like it did before the war. The company builds wind turbines for this purpose, which are intended to supply green energy in particular to the EU.
for NZZ magazine
By Andrea Jeska - published on August 12, 2023
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