Donald Trump gained his popularity through an unconventional approach to public speaking: slandering his opponents and anyone who falls out of favor and inviting his supporters to direct their anger at certain groups of people blamed for the misfortunes of the United States. Even as President he has continued to hold these large-scale events drawing attention to himself and feeding his ego while simultaneously entertaining his supporters. Many of these events will be remembered long after his presidency, but none as much as the rally that took place in Washington D.C. on January 6. Organized by a variety of loyal organizations and individuals it drew supporters from around the country and was expected to be as much of a farewell rally as a protest against unfounded voter-fraud that President Trump spent the last few weeks talking about. And as a last-ditch attempt to overthrow a newly elected administration, he directed his supporters to storm the Capitol building as the process to certify the Electoral College vote was underway.

Here is how President Trump’s last rally developed.